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Apple Reveals New AirPods Pro, and They're Available This Wee

Apple Reveals New AirPods Pro, and They're Available This Wee

Apple Reveals New AirPods Pro, and They're Available This Week

Geekiest delight: Algorithms test sound quality to find the best fitting tip for your ears

  • These guys cost $250 and the most exciting addition is that they're noise-cancelling.
  • AirPods Pro go on sale this Wednesday, Oct. 30.
  • If you're like loads of people who just don't have ear canals shaped well for earbuds, we've got a Popular Mechanics guide for you on how to hack your AirPods to fit snug as a bug.

    Apple has finally released the deets on its newest generation of wireless earbuds, which the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is calling the AirPods Pro, which is in-line with its new line of iPhones, also called Pro
    AMand drop than in there instead of the shop button we have now9:42 AM
    They go on sale Wednesday, October 30, but you can preorder them now on Apple's website. Keep in mind that you can't pick up these $250 earbuds in-store, but if you order today, you're guaranteed delivery on Halloween.
    You can even get them custom engraved with your name, initials or phone number (we're assuming this is some kind of fix for all the people who lose one or both of their AirPods).

    The AirPods Pro feature:

    Active Noise Cancellation: The AirPods Pro use two microphones and proprietary software to adapt to each ear, removing background noise. The first mic is outward-facing and can detect external sounds to create an equivalent "anti-noise" that cancels out the distractions before the sounds ever hit your ears. The inward-facing mic cancels any other noise detected. Altogether, the noise cancellation feature adapts to the sounds in your surroundings 200 times per second, according to Apple.
    One-tap connection: After opening the charging case near your iOS devices and giving it a tap, the AirPods Pro instantly connect to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices on your iCloud account. That goes for Apple TV (hey, no more bugging your roommates or family while you watch television), iPods, Apple Watches and of course iPhones, Macs and iPads.

    Saturday, 26 October 2019

    17 Malware-Infested Apps You Need to Delete ASAP

    17 Malware-Infested Apps You Need to Delete ASAP

    17 Malware-Infested Apps You Need to Delete ASAP

    Do you have any of these on your iPhone?
    young hacker hand working on smart phone
    • Wandera, a software-as-a-service firm specializing in mobile security, has identified 17 apps that install malware on iOS devices.
    • Because these represent only a fraction of the offerings on the App Store, there are likely other offending apps, according to the company.
    • We've rounded up other apps that you should also be wary of installing.

      Update: Oct. 25, 2019: An Apple spokesperson has told Popular Mechanics that the infected apps were removed from the App Store.
      It's called Trojan malware for a reason: Just like the Ancient Greek story where soldiers snuck through the gates of Troy by hiding inside a wooden horse, some malware can sneak into your phone through seemingly innocuous apps and programs that you've voluntarily installed.
      According to threat researchers at the software-as-a-service mobile security firm Wandera, there are 17 apps currently listed on Apple's App Store that contain these Trojans. Specifically, they're called "clicker Trojan malware" and they communicate with a command and control server to simulate users' interactions so that the creators can fraudulently collect advertisement revenue.
      Clearly that's a problem for enterprise-level firms, because advertisers may be ripped off or the attacker may be targeting a competitor company to artificially inflate its advertising budget.
      What's the big deal for you, then? Well, the Trojan can complete tasks in the background, like continually opening and closing web pages or clicking links without your permission. The researchers found one case where a user had been fraudulently subscribed to an expensive online service after installing one of the apps.

      The List of Infected Apps:

      The 17 apps that Wandera claims have Trojan malware installed include the following:
        The apps are listed from different countries, but they all lead back to the same developer: AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India

        Scientists Are Trying To Shrink Particle Accelerators

        Scientists Are Trying To Shrink Particle Accelerators

        Scientists Are Trying To Shrink Particle Accelerators

        Using plasma, a team at Berkeley wants to make these historically large machines much smaller.

        berkeley lab acceleartor
        • Particle accelerators play a fundamental role in everything from nuclear physics to modern medicine. A team in California is working on a way to shrink the massive devices.
        • Particle accelerators rely on electromagnets to create electric fields. The team has built a model using the far smaller plasma waves.
        • Their recent test was a success, but the next step is to try and generate even more power.

          Particle accelerators are crucial to understanding modern science. From the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland to the Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, accelerators are crucial, Department of Energy says, in fields as varied as physics and chemistry, biology and medicine, Earth sciences and building stronger materials.

          A team at Berkeley Lab's BELLA Center just doubled the previous world record for energy produced by laser plasma accelerator, a development which could make for smaller and cheaper accelerators everywhere.
          Using plasma waves, the BELLA team was able to generate electron beams with energies up to 7.8 billion electron volts (GeV) in an 8-inch-long plasma. This would require approximately 300 feet of conventional technology.
          The problem with this type of particle acceleration in the past has been the natural tendency of plasma waves to spread out. The BELLA team instituted a new plasma waveguide to keep things focused, with an electrical discharge being triggered within a sapphire tube. The sapphire tube is filled with gas, and when hit with the electrical discharge turns into the fourth common state of matter—plasma.
          particle sapphire tubes
          A variety of sapphire tubes, also known as capillaries.
          Once the tube contains plasma, a laser pulse known as a "heater" drills out some of it from the tube's middle. This drilling makes the tube less dense, allowing to focus better. The next step for the team is to think even bigger.
          "The heater beam allowed us to control the propagation of the driver laser pulse," says Anthony Gonsalves in a press statement. "The next experiments will aim to gain precision control over electron injection into the plasma wave for achieving unprecedented beam quality, and to couple multiple stages together to demonstrate the path to even higher energy."

          Google's Pixel 4 Takes a Shaky First Step Into the Futur

          Google's Pixel 4 Takes a Shaky First Step Into the Futur

          Google's Pixel 4 Takes a Shaky First Step Into the Future

          The Pixel 4 illustrates a promising future but whiffs on some smartphone basics.
          Goggle Pixel 4
          TREVOR RAAB
          📱Name: Pixel 4 | Display: 5.7 inch Full HD+ (2280x1080) | Battery: 2,800mAh |Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 | Storage: 64GB, 128GB | Camera: 12.2 MP and 16MP telephoto lens | Price: $800-$1000 (depending on model)
          Pixel 4

          Every phone wants to be the future—it's good business. Create a feature everyone wants, and you become the Next Hot Thing.
          With the Pixel 4, Google tried to take a few steps into the future. It's a phone that can sense as you approach, then unlocks itself with just your face, and then lets you navigate its super-smooth 90hz display with just a wave of your hand while you watch videos that are live-captioned in real time. It's impressive how much newness is packed inside here.

          What the Pixel 4 Gets Right

          Goggle Pixel 4
          TREVOR RAAB
          Where Apple and Samsung treat their smartphones like they're precious gifts from the gods, Google isn't afraid to have some fun with color. This year it's the Pixel 4's limited edition Oh So Orange color palette. It's eye-popping, unexpected, and you won't see another phone like it, which is kind of the point..
          It's also upgraded its OLED display to 90hz display, meaning the Pixel 4's animations and overall operation are super smooth and using the device from a software standpoint is a joy. Google gets software., and Android 10 is the very best yet—and it feels natural and fluid on the Pixel 
          Also it's camera remains best in class. Although it doesn't have three lenses like the iPhone 11 Pro (despite its large size), it does come with a telephoto lens along side a standard lens. This means you can zoom for days and still have a great quality photo. It'd be nice to have a ultra-wide angle lens, but there's always next year.
          Along with software additions like HDR+ Live (so you get a hyper-accurate portrayal of what a photo will look like from your viewfinder) and improved Night Sight and white balance controls. Google hangs tough with Apple for that best camera crown.

          What Pixel 4 Doesn't Get Right

          Goggle Pixel 4

          Wednesday, 27 March 2019

          How to make earphone as microphone in pc

          How to make earphone as microphone in pc

          Today will be out how to define your recording device in a faces of once we come here you can say revise your headphone device is gone must be something like that so, we can be doing here today is fix that and I could recognise my mic this is the way. How you do it click here and right click here and click in this I can and make that any bow and that will make you see the right now you can see my Shankara is getting some signals right here and what are right click and strawberries and CO2 levels and its right now it's working on in my friends once I come here in first place.

          I didn't have cycle running disabled automatically in my first come and right now which must be having like this when you come here right now and all you need do it just click one thing go and go back and take care OK Google general that you can click ok and I want to come here I didn't like my device. So because the speakers has the device inspiring stories and go back to letters and assistant, when I come in first place I didn't have the second enables David disable. so what I will do it just make them any work just like this to be just like this and all the things that I've done here in the USA and it's OK to go and press again OK Google.

          How It Works

          so right now you problem is a 102 old I am sure that I may be in sometime in some cases you see your device isn't recognising on, if we see and you say to text and one headphone said in here and that means you are you are recognised and also right now. so in this case only do it just go ahead and got the from days in windows x and Z all you need to make them in a war and go and make ok and then you go I hope you find this article is helpful.

          How to restore data from a hard drive

          How to restore data from a hard drive

          hello and welcome to this hard drive data recovery video now the drive we are going to try and recover the data from is this laptop hard drive now when you're repairing a hard drive the first thing to do is have a listen to how it sounds because that can tell a lot about what's actually wrong with it. so let's plug this into an external drive enclosure and see what kind of sound it makes so as you can hear that does not sound very promising for our little hard drive now to me it sounds like it'shaving trouble spinning up this is what hard drive should sound like and this clearly did not sound like that so what that says to me is that perhaps the motor has gone but I think the more likely reason.

          for it not spinning up is that the hard drive heads have gotten stuck on the hard drive platter which is preventing it from starting to spin so the first thing you can try is hit it sideways onto a table surface you can try it whilst it's trying to spin up because it can actually help to get the heads loose but this can obviously cause damage so I stress and only do it if you can't afford data recovery so that's the first thing you can try.

          How to do

          if that doesn't work what you can try doing is what this video is actually going to be about which is opening the drive and moving the heads off the platters manually so to open a drive you need a set of Torx screwdriver bits and a screwdriver obviously so the first thing to do is just select a screw driver bit that actually fits your screws in most laptop drives this is t6.

          How The Whole Process of restore data from a hard drive Works

          so that's thed rew screw driver bit I'm going to use and we can begin just to remove this topcover okay so before we start opening this drive up I must stress that ifyou're planning and doing this at homet hat you are doing it under your ownrisk because I'm not a harddrivetechnician or anything I'm just sharingmy experiences with opening up drivesand restoring the data from them okay sowith that out of the way let's beginopening this up now you've probablyheard that opening a drive in anythingbut a cleanroom causes the drive to bedestroyed basically and there is kind oftruth in this but I'm not sure how muchof it is true because I think some of itis just sort of like scare storiesspread by data recovery centers so thatthey get more sort of business but it istrue that you do want to keep justlanding inside.

          here to a minimum becauseI suppose it can interfere with theheads reading the data but I don't thinkit causes anything to be destroyed itjust interferes really and so when youare opening your pure drive just makesure that you try and keep it as cleanas possible and before you put the lidback on just blow on it just to makesure that any dust that has landed on ithas been blown off but if there are someleftover bits of dust these are likelyto fly off the platter when it's thewhen the hard drive is turned on by bothcentrifugal force and by the draft thiscaused when it's on and there is alittle filter which I'll point out laterwhich does catch stray particles so it'snot too much of an issue but if you arereally concerned about stray particleslanding on the platter compromising datawhat you can do is make a clean air andclosure.

          How Much Time to restore data from a hard drive Consume

          which is basically just a box afan and a filter and you can open thedrive in there I might make a videolater at some point on how to make oneof these clean air enclosures and but itdoes just depend on the demand becauseit's a bit of a nichething to sort of want really anyway soonce you've gotten all the screws undonethere is usually one last screw underthe sticker and you can usually find itby scratching the surface with yourfingernail until you find an indentationand then once you find it you can stickyour screwdriver do the sticker and undoit that way so let's take a look and ifour theory was correct the hard drivehead should be on the platter which itis so as you can see the hard drive headis in the middle of the platter and itshould actually be parked just here.

          which it clearly is not so what we cantry and do is manually push this intothe parked position so to do this I'mgoing to use a little hook which isactually just a dental thing and what weneed to do is just turn the hard driveplatters whilst we are pulling on thehead just to reduce the stress so alwaysturn it counterclockwise as that willensure that you don't pull the headsunderneath the actual head unit so I'vejust I'm just going to use thescrewdriver because there is a screw inthe center spindle so we can just turnthis and pull on the head[Music]and there we go as you could hear thatsounded like they were really reallystuck.

          When restore data from a hard drive Is reliable to do

          so I have no idea whether thisdrive is actually going to work afterbeing so stuck just check the drive forany big particles and it seems okay sowe'll just put the lid back on and bythe way this is the little filter I wastalking about and this catches anyparticles that might have landed on thehard drive platter so we'll just put thelid back on and see whether it works sonow that the hard drive is back togetherlet's get the hard drive caddy and lookat it and just see if it starts spinningand whether it is detected by theoperating system and it's worth notingthat.

          I do have disk management open sothat we can see whether the drive isdetected by the computer becausesometimes it might have an incompatible driver letter and then wouldn't bemounted so we've just got diskmanagement open so that we can see alldrives that are connected to the systemso let's turn it on and hopefully let'sgo spin up oh my goodness there it isthere's the drive two hundred thirty twogigabytes detected and successfullyworking so we'll just add a drive letterto it and hopefully all the data will beaccessible so I've just added the driveletter to one of the partitions as yousaw and here are the files all on thatdrive so hopefully I'll be able to getall these off but it does look like theyare accessible see if we can go into adesktop and everything.


          so I'll juststart these transferring so now thatwe've got all the data off what I'mgoing to do is just run a error scan ofthe entire surface of the drive just sothat we can see how much of it actuallyis damaged and how much is still usableso we'll just start it off right so asyou can see the scan is detecting a fewdamaged inaccessible sectors now I thinkthat these have been caused by the headactually making contact with theplatters rather than particles that werelet into the drive because it really wasquite stuck so I'm actually quitesurprised it's not worse than this butit's just worth noting that the datapercent of damaged blocks is only twopercent which means that even if it was100 percent full 98 percent of the datawould be able to be recovered which isit's a decent number.

          so I hope that ifyou have had the same issue with yourhard drive that this video has beensomewhat useful in helping you to fix itnow a good look if you do attempt it andremember that it is at your own risk soI hope you enjoyed this video and if youare interested in DIY things you canperhaps check out my channel and maybesubscribe if you think it's interestingenough I'm Matt and thank you forwatching oh by the way in my next videoI think I might try transplanting somehard drive platters just to see whether