Sunday, 27 August 2017

Reliance JIO unlimited offer 149 for 1 year must read

Reliance Jio free data period might have to come to an end but that doesn't mean people should ditch their Jio connections. In fact, Reliance Jio is coming with a few sweet data-options to attract even more subscribers. These offers can get users data at prices as low as Rs 2.27 per GB.
The new offer will be limited to the company's WiFi service called JioFi. Targeted at the local broadband market, this service can provide WiFi services with the option of being mobile. The service will be extremely beneficial for smartphone users who cannot access 4G services from their 2G or 3G devices and don't want to invest in a new smartphone.
Reliance Jio users that buy a new JioFi device, priced at Rs 1,999, will get the benefit of these new data offers.
Once the user purchases the device, they'll have to purchase a SIM card for the device and do a recharge of Rs 99. This will give them access to prime membership for that particular SIM.
Following this step, the user can choose from four different recharge options ranging from Rs 149 to Rs 999.
Here's what these offers will provide: Rs 149: The cheapest of all offers, it will last for 12 months and will give users 2GB data every month. The offer will be great for people wanting a secondary connection or for users that have minimal data requirements. This offer accounts to a total of 24GB of data at Rs 149.
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