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Learn Technology Vocabulary for Mobile Phone & Computers - English Lessons to speak fluent English


Hello everyone what you listen my name is Michelle and in this lesson you are learning vocabulary related to fruit cutest and Technology let's start with some interesting what we have on the board the first word as well as the word suggests from the beginning part time I prefer to advertisement so whenever you download the particular application notice a lot of ADS popping up on your screen that's because that particular application has already told advair in it which leads to the Popping UP Police advertisement which sometimes also gets virus into your device to be very careful about the applications that you use they might contain Edward and cause you to have a virus in your device vice so the restore old advertisement troll let's look at the next application or apps which you already heard so bees are softwares which is designed for a singular user individual used by a person it is a common platform pureit exclusively on your phone or on your computer for example of Facebook app or a Gmail app on your phone tomorrow for individuals let's look at the next word bloatware of fat where can you get something from the word so something who is fat somebody who can pay the same way bloatware of fat wave consist lot of space on your device they are free Store software for your device so when you buy a computer problem even if phone and Android phone when you buy it there are some free Store applications like Gmail or Play Store on these are what you call bloatware with a lot of bloatware in your device you don't have enough space to store personal need of a memory card to save some personal data sufi Store app tell I wouldn't be very Biased towards Apple users so when you buy an Apple phone you have three Store applications like it will look at the next word have you what is this word before something extraordinary stop irritating me the same way the word word mean something that irritates you so when you download a particular software it has a particular application of software it has told works in itself superstar basically some falls in the written script of the application for example JavaScript PHP to the program writer has made some mistakes while writing the script and that ends of having a because of that you end up having burning while you are using the software and suddenly your phone hang so the you know particular application just crashes in you not able to use it so there quite a repeating like the little box that we drink everyday in the written language written program code code the next word has so cash or small pieces of information of the cash that we usually no in terms of money cash is freestone information information pieces in your device whenever you visit a particular website there is data that your device from your computer stores locally when you visit the website for second time the pictures and the information loads much quicker and let's talk about Facebook so when you are login into facebook it asks you to want the browser to remember the files and where to where does the browser remember those files it remember those files as cache memory which is temporary memory on your device kairali we have cookies which are also temporary files on your device so whenever you log into Facebook you see a list of login ideas that have previously logged in a website and those are cookies information on a particular website crash this is how the Plane crashes in this is exactly how an application can also crash audio device can also crash when it has some corrupted files so whenever you too wise crashes suddenly unexpectedly it stops working days when your device has crashed in you need to get it corrected probably by in IT technician unexpected hold in your device alright let's play the next word it like a Wall of fire not literally but then a defensive wall that protect Eyes from virus or other devices to hack your information so when you are working on a computer network it's possible that other computer user am I want to hack your information but if you have installed firewall in your network there is a high possibility that your information will be safe and your device will not be hacked so this prevented hacked prevention from hacking tool but Firewall is different from antivirus a virus stop the virus from entering into your device and Firewall prevent hacking so you should have both of them in your computer to keep it safe to get the next word hardware well that's a very common we know that software is the part of the computer that you cannot touch which is non tangible but hardware if the power the units of the computer that you can touch for example your desktop your CPU and your keyboard is what hardware is the tangible parts of it chaya now we are going to look at the next words home page to the word home hear me the first page that only when you click on a website it usually have links to other websites for example if your homepage on your computer Google so when you log into your device for your computer the first page that appears on the screen is Google and it has links to other websites when you want to visit other website you can type into the search bar and it will lead you do other links with the first page on your screen on the first page of a website is called a homepage first page of a website that sound like a word that you never heard before or something like it it it it it it that you require on computer networks or internet these are some informal rules that are designed for user on the internet so you should really a voice talking other people's website that's not good that's one computer in etiquette and you should also try not to share your personal information on the internet for example public network you should not share your banking details oyo login ID and password for an important website you follow the computer netiquettes the informal rules designed for the users trial can can also be used outside of the computer without the unwanted people in your life and the same way the unwanted emails that going to your cash to junk folder I called them if you have any time in your life you need to get rid of it and if you got any Stamp on your email on your email account then you need to empty trash folder audio junk file

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